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Riva speedboat wedding hire Lake Como
Villa Erba weddings
Grand dining at Villa Erba on Lake Como

How to get started...

Step 1 - Find the perfect wedding venue(s)


Browse our list of venues and shortlist your favourites. Contact us and let us know about your plans. We will send you a complete price guide for every venue we offer to help you decide which fit well into your budget. We can talk you through all your options for each venue to help you decide or you may choose to see them in person...


Step 2 - Come and see some venues with us!


Our wedding tour usually takes half a day and we see two or three of your short-listed favorites. We charge €200 for the tour and the tour will take half a day.


Step 3 - Securing venues and your date


Once you have chosen your venue(s), we will check availability for your wedding date. If you are able to give us a few dates to check at the same time, this will help in the event that your first choice is unavailable. We will then ask the venue(s) to hold your preferred date for two weeks so no one else can book it. This two weeks gives us time to send you your wedding contract and organise deposits to secure the venue(s). You can now send out your save the date cards! If you like, we can supply a list of accommodation options to hand out to your guests. We can include options to suit a variety of budgets and ensure that guests are all within easy reach of a main collection point to help the logistics on the wedding day.


Step 4 - Creating your timetable


We can share a sample timetable with you so you can see how long the various parts of the day might take and how the day might flow. Using this as a template, we will work closely to create a timetable perfect for your day with all the elements you have chosen to include. Once the template is in place, it will allow us to move on to step 5...


Step 5 - Adding in the elements


Over the years, we have built up fantastic relationships with the local vendors and suppliers in the area who have repeatedly proven to us their excellent standard of work, reliability and professionalism. We will ask these service providers for quotes to create the day exactly as you picture it. You will be able to add or delete items according to your budget and wishes, then once you are happy, we will go ahead and secure each service for your date.


Step 6 - Your wedding paperwork


Having years of experience dealing with Italian wedding documentation, we will guide you through the process step by step, from organising the paperwork in your home country until the documents are safely waiting for you in Italy on the day of your wedding. More information on which documents are required can be found here.


Step 7 - Menu tasting (optional)


If you would like to pop over to Italy for a quick visit before the day, you would be welcome to try your chosen wedding menu. Tastings are usually for the bride and groom only. It may be possible for more people to attend the tasting at an extra cost. Menu tasting is usually done in spring before the summer of the wedding.


Step 8 - Going over all the details


Once we have secured all the venues and services for your day, we will go over the timetable, menu choices, table layout and any last details to make sure absolutely nothing has been forgotten. We will check and double check every service and booking on your behalf to eliminate the risk of any hiccups on the day.


Step 9 - Meeting us once you land


We will arrange a face to face meeting with you shortly after you land in Italy for the wedding. We will go over times and meeting points with you and you will be able to ask any last minute questions you have. If you would like, it may be possible to have a run through of the ceremony. If not, don't worry, we will make sure you know exactly what to expect on the day and we will be with you in the background the whole time.


Step 10 - The wedding day itself


Our staff will be at the venue greeting and briefing suppliers, overseeing set up and making sure everything is perfect way before the first guests start to arrive. If your hotel is nearby, we will pop in and see you quickly and let you know everything is running smoothly. We will greet guests as they arrive and guide them to the ceremony area. Throughout the day we will remain on hand in case you or your guests have any questions and to make sure everything is exactly as planned. We will remain with you right until the end of the night (unless agreed otherwise).

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