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Weddings at Villa Geno

Villa Geno is a beautiful, lake-side villa, just on the outskirts of the city of Como, with a lawned garden for relaxed, stylish weddings. A newly built permanent glasshouse is included in the rental fee. On a lovely day, the roof can be retracted allowing you to dine under the stars. A superb venue with exceptional catering, loved by foodies and perfect if you’re looking to end the evening with a good dance!

Please note that some of these photos show the old white marquee which has since been replaced by the more modern glasshouse. 

Also note that you may see pictures of wedding ceremonies taking place on the public lawn, between this villa and the water's edge. This lawn is owned by the town hall and is unlikely to be allowed to be closed off for ceremonies moving forwards. Therefore future ceremonies will be held in the villa's own garden.

Guest Numbers

Up to 200 guests


You can dance here until 11pm outside and up to 1am indoors

Boat Port

Yes, Villa Geno has a private boat port. 


There are many options just a short walk or drive away


Symbolic ceremonies are celebrated at this villa.


Up to 200 guests can celebrate here!


Villa Geno Wedding Galleries...

Best dog!

Villa Geno, Como
30 Guests

August 2022

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