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Villa Balbianello & Villa Cipressi wedding on Lake Como, Italy

35. Lake Como at dusk. Wedding car VW Be
Kelly & Jonathan's wedding at Villa Balbianello & Villa Cipressi in Varenna
Lake Como love letter
2. Wedding shoes, Lake Como meets Jimmy
3. Wedding flowers. Lake Como
4. Lake Como with the most incredible sk
Lake Como's Villa del Balbainello
Wedding preparations on Lake Como
7. Villa Balbianello wedding venue, Ital
Lake Como wedding planner service
9. Bridal party boat, Varenna, Lake Como
Varenna wedding party arrive
11. Wedding boat, water limousine on Lak
12. Bridal party arrive at Villa Balbian
Church Square at Villa Balbianello
Bride making her way up to the Loggia
The Loggia arches at Villa Balbianello
Balbianello ceremony under the Loggia
Civil wedding at Villa Balbianello
Civil wedding ceremony. Villa Balbianello
19. Exchange of rings. Lake Como wedding
20. Married at Villa dl Balbianello on I
19. Villa Balbianello Loggia civil cerem
21. Get married in Italy. Wedding venue
22. Villa Balbianello wedding photos - B
Post wedding photos! Villa Balbianello
Villa Balbianello famous tree photos
Wedding boat speedboat Lake Como, Italy
Wedding guest boat Lake Como
Varenna streets wedding photos
Villa Cipressi wedding photos
Wedding reception with views over Lake Como
Speeches! Lake Como wedding venue Villa Cipressi
Romantic wedding venue Lake Como
32. Cutting the wedding cake at Villa Ci
33. Wedding celebrations with prosecco a
Romantic wedding venue Villa Cipress
VW Beetle wedding photoshoot Lake Co
Villa Balbianello Cristiano Ostinel
First dance at Orso Bar,
Orso Bar Varenna wedding first dance

We couldn’t have done it without the special help of...

Ostinelli Studio – Photography

Villa Balbianello Ceremony

The staff at Villa Cipressi

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Villa Cipressi, wedding venue, Lake Como

Villa Cipressi Ceremony &

Villa Aura Reception
70 Guests

September Wedding on Lake Como

Sally Sephora wedding planner
Bridal Musings Logo

Villa Cipressi Ceremony

& Villa Aura Reception
70 Guests - September Wedding

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Eremo Gaudio Ceremony

Eremo Gaudio Ceremony &

Villa Cipressi Reception

31 Guests

Junebug Feature Article

19. Wedding Reception at Villa Cipressi with fairy lights

Jewish Wedding

Villa Cipressi + Garden After Party
40 Guests

September Wedding on Lake Como

Contact our team at WeddingBox Lake Como today to receive our full venue price guide and find out more about getting married at this stunning location!

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